Ken's Auto Repair Inc.  "The Toyota Guy"
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About Us

Ken's Auto Repair Inc. was founded by Ken Boyce in 2005 after 20 years experience in auto dealerships in southern Maine,seventeen of those years were spent working exclusively on Toyota products.I attended every training class Toyota offered,and earned Toyota Master Technician status in 1995 and Master Diagnostic Technician status in 1996.

Growing up in northern Vermont,I was always fascinated with anything mechanical.My first job as a mechanic was at the age of 13 at a local small engine shop working on lawnmowers, chainsaws,snowblowers,snowmobiles and so on.It was an apprentice position and I was earning $2.00 per hour.I worked there through High School,where I also took Automotive Technology and college prep classes,which was an odd combination I was told.Upon graduation,I moved to Maine and graduated at the top of my class from the Automotive Technology course at Southern Maine Community College. I worked in an automotive machine shop rebuilding engines,a local garage in Cape Elizabeth,and two different Subaru dealerships before becoming a Toyota Technician at Maine Mall Motors in South Portland in 1988.

I always wanted to open my own business,and after purchasing our home on the River Road in Buxton in 2000 and building our new 1800 square foot garage,it was now or never.I left the dealership and struck out on my own.I have yet to experience any regrets,and I realize how much I enjoyed interacting with my customers-a part of the business I never had the opportunity to do in the insulated dealership setting.

I like to adhere to a few simple principles while working on customer vehicles. I believe in testing to find the cause of problems as opposed to the "shotgun" approach of guessing and replacing parts until a fix is found. The "machine",aka "the computer" does not simply plug into a vehicle and tell which part to replace. It gives me an area to start testing,and with factory service information to determine exactly what conditions cause a code to set,it can be properly diagnosed in a timely manner. Through the efficiency of 22+ years of working on Toyota vehicles,this translates into the most cost effective way to make a repair. Your vehicle will be fixed right,the first time,and with only one visit in most cases.

I also believe in a philosophy of Overall Lowest Cost. O.L.C. means that it is usually less expensive,in the long,run to fix your vehicle correctly with high quality parts that will last as long as the originals and with high quality labor practices that will allow your car to stay fixed once it has been fixed. For example,the cost of a complete timing belt job with water pump,accessory belts,and any idler bearings may cost more initially than a coupon special elsewhere,but if low quality parts are used or an incomplete job is done,the added expense of re-doing the job will easily exceed the price of doing it right the first time.

Repairs done correctly the first time using the highest quality parts will provide the least expensive cost of ownership per mile for 200,000 miles and beyond. A relationship with a shop you trust will help you achieve long term value of ownership from your automobile. A pro-active,preventive mainenance approach to automobile service will keep your vehicle safe,reliable,and maximize the value of your investment.

Thank you for choosing Ken's Auto Repair Inc. for all of your TOYOTA service needs. 


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